Fortnite Update (Patch Notes v8 10) – Consume Animation

Fortnite Update (Patch Notes v8 10)

Fortnite Update

(Patch Notes v8 10)

Consume Animation


Fortnite UPDATE 8.10 is here! New “Baller” Vehicle, New Renegade Raider and other skin styles, new healing animations and much more! Enjoy

 v8.10 Patch Notes ►► Click Here ◄◄

Fortnite Added custom consumes animations for the following items:



Small Shield Potion

Shield Potion

Slurp Juice

Chug Jug

 v8.10 Patch Notes ►► Click Here ◄◄


Fortnite Update (Patch Notes v8 10) - Consume Animation

———————————— Fortnite Update ————————————

 v8.10 Patch Notes ►► Click Here ◄◄

Original Story – Fortnite has just dropped its new update for Royale Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode.

The game will be offline, with Fortnite Server Scheduled for delivery at 9 am GMT.

That means matchmaking will be available for all Fortnite modes, across ALL platforms. That means players on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile will not be able to log in.

With Notes for the New 8.10 Patch Notes on the Fortnite website moments ago…

The game is likely to be offline for two hours, but for the time being, you can read through the new patch notes just below.

The big addition comes in the form of the new Baller Vehicle, which will add a crazy new dynamic to the Fortnite Season 8 map.

On the weapons front, we’ve also got vending machines dolling out free weapons before vanishing. But also, the common Infantry Rifle is gone and you can only hold 6 Clinger Grenades, not 10.

 v8.10 Patch Notes ►► Click Here ◄◄

———————————— Fortnite Update ————————————

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